Sadhu Pul & Chail Cricket Ground

Here I went again somewhere beautiful that is called Sadhupul. We were 4 guys and started our journey from Chandigarh a city beautiful. We were on a car and journey was comfortable on those loops while going to Chail.

So Sadhupul is a place between Solan and Chail. If you want to go there first go to Solan and then on Shimla highway there is a place called Kandaghat from there you will take right to Chail and on the way to ChailS Sadhupul is a place where a bridge is placed and there is a small river in which people created small restaurants.You can enjoy some games also for fun.


You can sit there to eat in the water because the water level is not high. For Summer it is the best place near Chandigarhrh to chill. I have seen many people carrying beers with themselves. If you want to stay in tents they also provide tents also but there are limited tents there are very few people who really stay here.


Now After having lunch here, we headed towards Chail. In chail, there is one cricket ground which is world’s highest cricket ground at an altitude of 2,250 m. While we were going to chail I saw a board there was written Kali Tiba Mandir and I told my friends that let’s go to the temple. we then went to Kali Mandir before going to chail. After few km’s, I saw this view. He is my friend Amit Verma He said to capture one pic of mine so I did. But the temple is really on the top. I was feeling chilling wind even in the car also. In summers there was cold wind like winters.


It is the gate to enter into the temple. I must say if you are going to Shimla or Solan just to have fun you should go here also. I found peace here from a long time. We were all shocked to see this kind of temple on the top.It was very beautiful. I was getting a feeling that I am entering to a raja’s mehal.IMG_20150413_172936.jpg

Now See this view It is amazing right? It is a view from the top. I found it more satisfying because those days I was working in a BPO and working on night shifts and I was really frustrated with my job but this type of weather and view relaxed me a lot.


After Some picture, i thought we should go inside the temple and took some pray & blessings. As we can’t take the picture from inside so I did not capture after this.


Then after this temple, we started our journey to chail. The high we were going more beautiful view we were getting. There were so many trees and I took one picture also.


Finally, we reached the top on world’s highest cricket ground.There is polo club also and it is a cant area as well. I am having so many pics but I am just sharing some of them here. IMG_20150413_163614782.jpg

Now We went back to Chandigarh but stopped Sadhupul again for a cup of tea and meanwhile I took some pictures.


Now This was the trip and turned out one of the best tours. I am also having a small video clip also I ‘ll be sharing it with you. My English is not so good so please appreciate because I am Indian so Hindi is more important than English and I know Hindi so good.        ……………………………………hahahahahahahahahhah.

Here Is Video:-

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