A Historical Kangra Fort

Before telling you the story I would like to mention that if you are going to "Kangra Fort" Beware of monkeys. They are very aggressive. Even they can attack you. We had faced some of the aggression of those monkeys. You can watch this video below. Now I am sharing you the view and experience. [...]


Travelled To World’s Highest Motorable Road

If you are from India and A biker too. You will always dream of going to Ladakh on a bike or on SUV. I had also made a plan to go on a bike. I had made a plan in July 2015. Two three my friends joined but at that time I never had any [...]

Sadhu Pul & Chail Cricket Ground

Here I went again somewhere beautiful that is called Sadhupul. We were 4 guys and started our journey from Chandigarh a city beautiful. We were on a car and journey was comfortable on those loops while going to Chail. So Sadhupul is a place between Solan and Chail. If you want to go there first go [...]